project management

Project Management

Managing your projects doesn't have to be a hassle. Say goodbye to going through countless emails to find the information you need, get more done with Axolis.

custom project forms

Custom Project Forms

Axolis takes project management to the next level with custom project forms. Collect an upfront payment or approve projects manually. Advertise your services with ease.

complete project management platform

Complete Freelance Suite

Axolis is the only project management platform with a complete front-end to help you sell your services & digital products and show off your portfolio. We freelancers!

Axolis is an intuitive and clutter-free project, portfolio & product management platform for freelancers and development teams. We ensure that you and your customers collaborate with convenience so that you can focus on what you do best.

Project Management

Your customers can track the progress you make on their projects and interact with you. Axolis comes with the right tools for your needs, whenever you prefer to get things done alone or work with your developer team on complex projects.

To take project management to the next level, Axolis makes it easy to build custom project templates for your services. Your potential customers fill out a custom form and send this information to you for approval. You may also collect an upfront payment for some of your services and display a price estimate for others.
Back-end Project Management


Axolis was built with convenience and utility in mind. Your customers can manage all of their projects from the back-end, including: Project Collaboration

  • uploading, previewing and downloading attachments
  • commenting on projects and attachments
  • invoice management on a per project basis
  • web notifications

Your customers may pay their invoices using any of the active payment gateways, in any of the currencies you support. Axolis also comes with a clutter-free mobile-first backend to ensure that your customers can manage their projects when on the go.


Freelance Team Management

You may assign members of your development team to the projects of your choice and set their access level depending on what you want them to manage: certain developers could interact with customers directly while staff members handle billing and assign new developers when necessary.


Axolis relies on it's web and e-mail notification system to ensure that your customers and developers interact without delay.
Live project notifications